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HTML5 Replace/Extend index.html to allow Fullscreen. Also, Retina Support


I am new to game maker, but we just switched to it for an html5 web game project. Maybe still having trouble navigating the documentation, and couldn't resolve these issues:
My HTML5 game should run both on Desktop and Mobile Browsers and have the option to go full screen. Now, I've been following the Game Maker Tutorials on Screen Sizing, and that's all working fine, but I fail to get a solution to go full screen via a full-screen button in the game.

I found the solution to focus on the game and then press F10 in Firefox, but that doesn't work on mobile. I am looking for some helpful inputs on
1) How to replace the included index.html file with an extended version, so I can use my own Javascript functions, and how to call Javascript (I only found old tutorials for GM Studio 1 only)
2) Other methods to go fullscreen via the Fullscreen API or at least the scrolling trick for iOS which removes the address bar.
3) And lastly, kind of unrelated, how to make the game render at retina resolution instead of the half-resolution is runs at by default.
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