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Removing Android permission in Manifest


Hey guys,

I understand that you can remove permissions that are merged with :

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS" tools:node="remove"/>

I have put this in an extension at the manifest level and it sees it in the LINT output, but the permission still gets into the final APK. Any idea how I can remove this or why this removal line is failing to remove the permission specified?

I think GMS is injecting it because of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), but it's not required for API 14+ and my min is 15 because of the Facebook SDK.

edit : Does anyone have any way of modifiying the APK after it's all built. This is a long way around for sure, but perhaps the only way since node="remove" doesn't seem to work.

Or even better would be the ability to rebuild from the cache... then I could just modify the AndroidManifest.xml and re-run the compilation?


@PlayLight ? :)
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If you check box with Push Notifications in Global Game Settings then GET_ACCOUNTS will be added automatically by GMS. But if you use local notification only you do not need this permission. You can use Easy Push Notifications extension from Marketplace to remove GET_ACCOUNTS ;)