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Android Remove the location of a country in my app bundle

Good afternoon, does anyone know how to remove a country location within my apk in Game Maker?

I am uploading a version to the Google Play Console only for my country Mexico, and it marks an error that I must change the distribution of my application because my application is not available in AU (Australia) due to the classification.

This error does not make sense, because my application is only directed to Mexico, so I check the apk and I realize that within the locations allowed in the apk the location in eu_AU is enabled.

Can you help me please? I am attaching some images that I hope will help, please, I only need this to finish my project



App store can be wierd with some of their options. Try taking that en_AU localization out and see if that helps.
I already eliminated the distribution in AU from the Play Store Console, in fact it is only distributed in a country that is Mexico, but within Game Maker create the apk including that distribution and many others and I do not know what function omits that, that is my question , thanks for answering.