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Mac OSX Remove Splash Screen on OSX?


Joey Guenette

Is there any possible way to remove the splash screen on OSX? I get that Apple requires it for software on the app store, but I just want to bring my game from windows over to OSX without putting it on the app store, and having that splash screen really kills the type of game I'm making and pulls the user right out of it. I don't get why this has to be a requirement even if we have no plans to bring our software to the app store. I get I could also set a black/white image as my splash screen, but even then I'm working on a text based adventure where I simulate the look and feel of the osx terminal. It would just look awkward to have a user wait 5 seconds for a text based app to start especially since there a a few parts that require you to close the game. Guess I'm wondering if there is AAAANY way to remove that splash screen or if there are any plans to allow us to remove it? Otherwise looks like my game is only coming to Windows and Linux.

TL;DR: making text based game where game will close sometimes, don't want a splash screen or awkward blank screen for a game that should load almost immediately. Any way to remove it or plans to remove it for people who maybe don't plan to publish to the app store and follow apple's requirements?