Discussion Releasing a demo?


Hey guys, I'm releasing my first demo very soon (yay!) and im wondering if you all have any advice about it?
Can people access my source code from an executable or do anything "shiesty" with an exe zip?

Any advice is appreciated :D
What's to stop them from doing the same from the finished release?
I can't say I have heard anything like this being a real problem, especially with demos. If you're really worried about people maybe accessing stuff they shouldn't in a demo, maybe save a copy of your project and remove everything from that version that won't be in the demo and make the demo from that?
I've had to extract / decompile my own code when a GMS project blanked itself and the 10 backups were also empty. It was a giant pain to do.


The best you can do it make it difficult. Gamemaker makes it so 99.9% of people wouldn't even bother, but if you have a determined hacker there isn't really anything you can reasonably do that would be 100% effective. Best thing you can do is let gamemaker do its thing and just make sure you don't have any include files that have you haven't taken some basic measures to encrypt and just go for it.


If I can extract graphics files from Nintendo DS game code, I'm sure someone could figure out how to extract graphics from Game Maker games. lol Just sayin'.