Recreate Your 1st Game Event


An activity for any member of the GameMaker Community who would like to recreate their first game from scratch. There is no start date, and no time limit. You're free to participate in this event on your own time. Share your new game with the community by posting it below. For extra credit: Share any insights or takeaways you gain along the way; and consider posting the original version.

...because everyone who enters is guaranteed a prize!

Grand Prize: An experienced developer will re-master your first game.

Additional Prizes: You will have fun! You will gain additional practice through repetition. Select participants will share an unreleased game with the world! You'll remember some good times. You'll get a hands-on look just how much progress you've made as a game developer. You will gain additional practice through repetition.

This isn't your first rodeo, anymore! The GMC "Recreate Your First Game" Event is an opportunity to take a second look at your first game. Perhaps you can expand on it now that you've learned some more advanced concepts? ... that pretty much covers it

Rebuild your first game. Make changes (or don't) and then post it here. :banana:

Now, I must go. I have a bit of work to do on "Silver Fire Gathering 2." Based on your comments, it appears that a few others will be recreating their first games, too! I am eager to play them! I will do my best to maintain a list at the bottom of this very post.

I haven't forgotten about this, but it's going to take me a bit. I'm recreating a maze game I made when I was 10. This is no small task because the original has been lost in the sands of time, and there were 50+ levels. Additionally, I've decided to create the game that I wanted to make when I was 10 (not an exact replica of the that game that was.) In other words, I'm adding new stuff (like Zelda-style room transitions.) Lastly, I'm struggling a bit to make it mobile-friendly... if I don't find a comfortable layout/display this weekend, I may skip it and design for PCs exclusively. Feel free to send me inspiration, if you've seen another game that does this well.
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John Andrews

Living Enigma
MAN, I have all my old 2014-2016 games in my other computer that is in another country, but I do remember how my first game that I never released was like, I think I'll try and recreate it again because it reminds me of the good times when I began on game making with literally 0 experience, such a fun ride it was :D

Joe Ellis

"old 2014-2016" WOW I am OLD!, i remember last time I had a job was in 2009 or something (tehehe)

This is awkward for me cus my first 5 games were made in visual basic 6.0, where I learnt how to control timers which made picture boxes (with no border) change to another picture, the amount of effort I put in every weekend when I was at my dads... I actually had a thing set up where these "evil torches" would shoot blue fire diagonally, and you had to press space at the right time so you didn't get hit, it was crazy looking back, and i was using something that was in no way made for making games, but my passion made me do it anyway, but these days, gamemaker exists, and its better than ever, but its all relative I suppose, my point is, if you're really determined about something, keep trying and you'll get it eventually