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Windows Recovering corrupted files?



As I was saving my project today, GMS2 completely crashed my computer for seemingly no reason. I was forced to shut off my computer with the power button, and when I restarted, I found that my project was corrupted and attempting to load it in GM simply crashes the program. I even tried importing the project's resources into a new project, and that crashes GM, too. So, my question is, is there any way to recover my project? Or am I completely screwed? This is incredibly disheartening as I just payed a lot of money for this program and immediately lost about a week of work to this crash. At the moment, all I can think to do is re-create the entire project by copying code and images directly from the project folder architecture by hand, which will take hours. Any help you have is appreciated.


Friendly Tyrant
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For GMS2 to crash your entire computer seems a bit unlikely (not impossible, but I can't see how it could happen), so it may be something else is up with your hardware and drivers (worth investigating). I'd still report this to YoYo Games though and include the corrupted project and a copy of the UI.log file that is in the %programdata%/GameMakerStudio2/ folder. They may be able to offer help in recovering the files too. You can file a bug from within GMS2 by going to the Help menu in the IDE and selecting "Report A Bug".