Recommended joypad


I'm working on a game that will support multiple players on one machine. Right now I have an original 360 wired controller which worked perfectly out of the box on a PC with Game maker. In order to do playtesting for multiple players at the same time, I would need to buy more controllers. I have tried another controller (my son's wired switch controller) But that did not work very well.
I would like to acquire some extra three wired controllers. Kind of like a 360/Playstation controller with the typical 4 action buttons two shoulder buttons and thumbsticks. Rumble is not required (don't know if that would work when using a usb hub).
I don't care too much about build quality and preciseness, they just have to work without a hassle.
I have seen some 360 knock offs, but I have no idea if they actually work.
Anyone have any recommendations?
Anything XInput would be my recommendation. This is the third-party One controller I use. I never bother with anything unofficial, but I got this for $3 and it surprises me with how well it plays. It's my default controller on PC as a result.


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I actually recommend you make sure to get something that is NOT XInput. It will force you to do things differently in order to support them. On Windows, XInput devices use the standard gamepad functions, but though DInput devices(#s 4 - 11) can use the same functions, you won't be able to always access all the buttons and axes without using the numbers directly(instead of the gp_constants). You also may not be able to use the POV hats without using those separate functions for them. XInput devices all follow the same standards, but with DInput stuff you don't really know what you are going to get. I had to add lots of code in my input system to handle all of that and you will need extra code as well if you intend to fully support all gamepads that are out there.


Test your pads that didn't work very well with Input by @Juju, it supports loads of controller types.
I'd highly recommend using it in your project to save yourself the headache of having to cover every base yourself.


Thanks for the tip on Juju's Input library. When my game is in the final stages, I'll do some testing with some 'bad' controllers.
For now, I want to do some playtesting with controllers that work without hassle. I settled with the wired sn30 controller from 8BitDo, which worked out of the box. So, thanks for the info on XInput.
I highly recommend 8bitdo controllers. I have a SN30 pro and it works great for PC and Switch. It works better than my 360 controller. My 360 controller gets a small amount of input from the joysticks while sitting idle.