Real World Physics Spinning



Hi everyone, I'm new to Game Maker Studio and I'm looking for some assistance with regards to objects and making them spin as if it were real world.

I'm not new to programming so I've exhausted my initial avenues (Google searches) and have looked at threads both on here as well as the GameMaker reddit and a a fair few Youtube Channels with some great tutorials!! But I'm struggling to find any specific to what I'm looking for, it may just be that I'm searching for the incorrect terminology so any help would be greatly appreciated)

I've got a sprite which I've used when creating an object, and added the object to a room. What I'm looking to do initially is:

-- Click on the object and have it start spinning, then the more you click, the faster it spins (until it reaches a top speed which I will set). Once you stop clicking it, it then slows down as it would in real life.

I've had it spinning based on the room speed and using the Step Event attached to the object, and I'm fairly certain I could do the speeding up part once I've got my head around getting it to start spinning on a (Left Button / Left Pressed Event) but could do with some help to start the spinning and then getting it to slow down by itself (but not just stop once you stock clicking)