Portfolio - Programming Ready to code your small game for rev-share


Hi everybody. My name is Tim Petrik and I'm young student with passion to game development. I have been learning GMS for 2.5 years and keep extending my knowledge. So, though I'm a student in my home country's state university at the moment, I wish to apply for the foreign one. But the application process requires a lot of effort including Portfolio of the game projects. So, this is the reason I want to take up some new projects and work with new people: I don't have enough time for designing my own.

Though, being honest, I still have one of my own, that I've been working on for almost 1.5 years. I will attach some screenshots from it as at least visual reference to my work as of course the biggest credit for that screenshots goes to my Brazilian partner.

And surely it's not my only game for such a long period of time, but I prefer to keep with these screenshots only as even they are definitely not the best way to show my skills.

As for the project's kind, I would be happy to take almost any kind of challenge for myself, but there are several exceptions:
1. Game has to be 2D. I know there are some tricks to use GMS for 3D games, but I am not familiar with such things at all, and don't feel ready to get yet.
2. Not a long term. The project I am working at was intended to be a game-jam one... 1.5 years ago, it would be fair to take the blame myself, but this thing happens to many of us. And I ask you sincerely, not to treat it as unprofessionalism, the situation in our country was quite a circumstance and we're all people after all. But mostly the reason is that we don't want to release anything imperfect and not ready: Here the choice is yours, I'm just a coder.
3. Language: I'm ready to work with english-speaking teams or (which is much more unlikely to happen) russian ones.

That's all I got in my head at the moment. If you need any other details, you can ask me both here or in personal chat.
Some other ways to keep in touch with me:
Discord: petrik33#0076
Mail: petrik3003@gmail.com

P.S. All Aboard For Funtime!