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SOLVED Random sound files appearing in build folder?


When I create an executable, some sound files of my game (maybe about 12 out of 200) appear in the zipped folder. How do I prevent this? I don't want any sound files to be visible there.


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The "compressed (uncompress on load)" option will do this, the AUDIOGROUP files can only contain raw data so any OGG files (which is what the 'compressed' option will create) are placed directly in the game folder.

If WAV isn't an option, YellowAfterlife made an extension that puts all audio files in a separate folder and rewrites the project data accordingly.

(a third option is to have all your OGG audio be "included files" instead of sound files, so they end up in the datafiles folder, but then you lose out on being able to customize them in the IDE and have to manually load them as audio assets when the game starts)