Windows Random Mini Trail (Oregon Trail-based minigame)


Random Mini Trail

Game Jolt (soundtrack on page) | itch io
Platform: Windows (XP/above)
Genre: (hard to place it, but it's sort of a resource-management/luck game. It's like the Oregon Trail, but without the educational aspects and heavily randomized)

This is a randomized and short/simplified form of the classic Oregon Trail game, where events happen at random rather than predetermined.

Your goal is to get to Oregon on your ox-drawn wagon without losing all your health or oxen. Along the way you will pass by 9 other landmarks where you could stock up on supplies.

This is in essence somewhat like a kind of digital single-player card game where a random event might or might not happen every step of the way. In your journey, you will encounter hazards such as diseases, accidents, thieves, storms, and more, which will affect your food supply, oxen, and health. At regular points, you will be able to buy more supplies for your party, or sell some of yours. To survive to Oregon, you'll need good luck and decent management of your resources, in order to have enough oxen and food to last till then. It's advised to buy resources when they are cheap, and to resell them when the opportunity arises to sell them at a higher price.
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Update: version 2.0: Added placenames and customizable character names.
Link to Google Drive has been changed to itch io link, which has the latest version, along with the Game Jolt link.