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Hey guys.

So I've worked out how to make a platformer procedurally generated level, like a mario level where you start out on the left and have to get to the right.

I was wondering if it would be possible to make a randomly generated platformer level that is less linea. Even if it is still 'get from point A to point B', I want it to FEEL like you are exploring a dungeon or a cave, rather than just going to a set point and jumping.

Maybe a bit like spelunky would be nice idk.

Anyway thanks please let me know if you can help or not.

(PS: I'm using GameMaker: Studio Pro edition)
(PSS: I'm not just asking for you guys to make me an engine, that would be rude, I'm just asking for any sources or tutorials you might know of.)
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The sneaky thing about a level system that goes only to the right is that you can have as many branching paths as you want. The only one that matters is the one that the player chooses. You don't need to generate the rest. Of course, to make it a meaningful choice for the player, you should give them some feed back. For example, going up takes them to a surface level, or going down might take them to a water cave, or going way down introduces 'deep' monsters and maybe lava. It's still all can be procedural (or random puzzles and sequences linked together), you just use different assets and critters.


Thank you guys a lot for all the help. I decided to go with a ds_grid based engine which works similar to spelunky. I've never used ds_grids prior to now but I understand the logic behind them.