GMS 2.3+ Random bugs worth keeping

This is just a point of interest I don't need help as such.

Has anyone, or is it normal to find a bug in your game but keep it anyway because it has an unusual effect that actually enhances the game?

Minecraft is an example (The farlands).

So I guess my question is has this ever happened to you and more importantly if it has, would you leave the way it is or would you fix the 'bug' then write it back in again in a sensible way.

Edit: Sort of a side note to that. If you want some kind of effect. For example, something growing in size, Whizzing about the screen then explodes or something. Do people pre-process this kind of screen in some graphics/animation software or do you guys code it manually?
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I'd say it's completely normal! It happens to me all the time! When it does I usually just leave the code as is, or make a few a justments so it feels more intentional and doesn't break the game, otherwise why do it again when it's already done? Some of my favorite parts of the games I've made (especially during game jams) have come from happy accidents like that!