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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Tizzio, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Tizzio

    Tizzio Member

    Jun 20, 2016

    Dynamic rain with collisions

    > Link to Marketplace

    > Features
    • Only 1 triangle for rain drop
    • Easy to use, only 2 objects (1parent object for collision and 1 object for the rain effect)
    • Optimized with a particle pool that reuses array indices
    • Fully customizable
    • You can draw your own water-drop texture
    • Rain sound effect and thunder included

    Executable demonstration for windows (.exe)

    >Rain parameters
    //horizontal rain range
    rain_range = room_width/2;
    //number of water drops (change it with rain_set_drop_count(count) )
    rain_drops = 100;
    rain_direction = 270;
    rain_speed = 25;
    rain_sound_volume = 1;
    //size of the single rain drop
    rain_size = 2;
    //length of the single rain drop
    rain_length = 3;
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  2. modler2

    modler2 Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    Bought this awhile ago, tried to use it in my mobile platformer, it worked, but not incredible well (tested on a s4). That said, if it is planned for more powerful phones or desktop applications you really can't do better, it is very well coded and detailed, it both looks and runs amazingly!
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  3. Really great effect, but I was just wondering if I bought this I am allowed to use it in a project that I may sell in the future?
  4. Tizzio

    Tizzio Member

    Jun 20, 2016
  5. king javo

    king javo Member

    Apr 1, 2017
    How does this work for a top-down game?

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