Windows Rags to Death, from short story to visual novel


Hi everyone.

A year and a half back, I wrote a collection of short story fairy tales, and it all started with the concept of a homeless man that buried canned goods in hopes they would grow into more food. I have a collection ebook on amazon with this particular story in it if you want pm me and I will give a link, I don't think it's allowed for a self promotion/advert on these forums unless it has to do with GM?

You play as Ode, and there are some clues as to who you are, but for the most part, you're trying to get some chickens so you can sell their eggs for canned goods. You eat whatever else people will give you.

There is one playable mission/qeustline, I had started on a much larger one, but I wanted to get some feedback on the transitions and dialogue involved before I fully develop the game.

that fox is a problem later on.

Because this is a collaborative project with someone I wish to develop more games with in the future, I have named the team, Team Kurtsie lol.

Here is the most current zip:

mouse part 3 rev.PNG
Controls: mouse, mouse left button

Added a script to automatically cycle depths of active and inactive indicators, for better display of the text.

Some under the hood type mechanial aspects were added.

Added a new questline, with 4 new actors, and 1 new area.

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