Windows RagnumWorld I - Download Now (Updated 1.0.1)



Name: RagnumWorld I
Version: 1.0.1
Platform: Game Maker Studio 1.4
Description: Explore this amazing world RPG where there will be several monsters to battle, multiple quests for you to win many rewards and many items for your indestructible hero!
Choose your hero name and come to know this wonderful world of RagnumWorld!

Attack: Space
Inventory On/Off: I
Quests On/Off: Q
Flash On /Off: F
Pick item: Enter
Drop Item: [Mouse] Right Button

[Update 1.0]:
- The hero's damage and defense calculation was balanced!
- [MaxHP] was set according to 'Vitality!
- It was set to [Defense] according to a force.
- It has been set to [Attack Speed] according to an 'agility'!
- It was given 3 skins (Human, Archer and Wizzard)!
- Added renegation of life!
- Added 8 items (Jasper Armor, Azir Armor, Jasper Boots, Jasper Sword, Crystal Sword, Jasper Helm, Jasper Shield and Soul Wing)!
- Added 5 items (Jasper Sword, Crystal Sword, Jasper Helm, Jasper Shield and Soul Wing)!
- A drag and drop window system has been added!
- Added 4 visual equipment (Jasper Helm, Soul Wing, Jasper Armor and Azir Armor)!
- Added 3 effects to (Spawn, Level-UP and Regeneration of Life)!
- 1 pet has been added (Duck Pet)!

[Update 1.0.1]:
- Added 4 npc's (Charles, Captain Robert, Captain Ernest and Orin)!
- Added a speech system to interact with NPC's (hi, buy (itemname), go (cityname), yes, no and bye)!
- Added a Day and Night system with automatic lights.
- Added a language system (br/en) - It will be activated soon!
- Added a quest system!

part1.png part2.png part3.png part4.png part5.png
and much more to impress you, download now! ...

- I'm aware of some bugs, they will soon be fixed!

Link DEMO: I.exe?dl=0