Steam Ragdoll Runners [Steam + HTML5 demo]



One key per leg. This time you cannot count on pounding your keyboard to achieve victory. You require coordination and mental strength, like a true athlete.

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Ragdoll Runners invites you to take part in 8 events of 4 types: sprint, long jump, triple jump and hurdles. At first, you run and jump in a disjointed fashion, causing hilarious situations. However, the better you get, the more your actions resemble those of true champions and it becomes very rewarding.

QWOP initiated the concept. Ragdoll Runners pushes it much further:

  • AI opponents,
  • up to 4 players on a split screen,
  • replays to analyze and compare running and jumping techniques,
  • world rankings with replays: you can compete against anybody's record,
  • a Challenge mode where you compete against the records of stronger and stronger players,
  • daily contests with a limited number of attempts.
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predictably random
Forum Staff
This is well made and fun to play. Despite the fact I suck at it. :( But I'm getting better after a few attempts with the web-based version. I like that you included a tutorial. Even though the controls sound easy, there's a secret to the timing of press-and-release.

The game seems very well made, and it looks professional. You've got multiplayer options, and different events for the single player to try. And having a built-in competitor to play against gives the single-player option a lot more fun and challenge. It appears many of the events are only available in the paid version, but that's fine. The free online version still allows plenty of fun.

The graphics and sounds are pretty slick too. The ragdoll movement seems reasonably lifelike. And little details like shadows on the track, and the crowd in the background add a lot to the experience.

So nice job on this.

manjeet kumar

Please can you tell me how you achieve ragdoll movement using game maker physics please.