GM:S 1.4 Radio Style Volume Option Example

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Kram Dig, Sep 4, 2016.

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    GM Version: GM Studio
    Target Platform: ALL
    Download: here
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    This is an example of Radio Volume Option. It uses to drag their points back and fourth to change to volume's capacity.

    It has 4 scripts: 1 for the radio object and the other 3 for the point drag object. You can edit them using the arguments of the scripts. There are extras that you can experiment is I add another object on the top, what it does is it can drag anywhere.

    The value is your volume capacity the rest are the y and mouse_x values.

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  2. chance

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    Apr 22, 2016
    This is fine for the Tutorials Forum. But as a learning resource, making it simpler might be more helpful to beginners.

    The technique you're illustrating is fairly basic, but spreading it over four scripts and three objects is a bit unfocused. I think a more useful approach would be a single object -- the slider, with the relevant code in the STEP and DRAW events. And make everything else just sprites. That would focus the attention on the relevant part of the tutorial -- namely the code for the slider control and audio volume.

    But this is still useful. And it's clear you've put some effort into this. So that's great. +1
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  3. Kram Dig

    Kram Dig Guest

    Thanks for the reply, it's my first time making tutorials, I hope I can improve my skills in the future. With clear feedbacks, I'll be able to have good samples in the future.

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