Quick question about PLACE_MEETING() [RESOLVED]


Dear all,

May I just verify how place_meeting works please (I haven't found a definitive answer online).

Assuming a player's sprite (32x32) origin is top-left and you check for place_meeting(x,y+1,obj_block), does it just check the pixel below obj_player (at Y 33) or all pixels from 1-33 (not including 0, obvs!).

In short, would both scenarios in the image below return true?

I think the answer is all pixels from 1-33 as they're the results I've seen, but I'd really appreciate clarification of this please.

Many thanks in advance.



Ahh I see - I'm thinking about this the wrong way. It moves the instance by the specified amount and then checks the collision mask of both instances. In my head, I had it checking individual pixels specified in the x,y coords.

Thank you. I think I;m too old-school for this new fangled way of doing things.

Old Noob.