Audio (Quick) I'm allowed to use those rythm patterns?

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There's a certain simple ryhtm pattern played by a piano and used as the bass for the song in this videogame music track :
The same ryhtm pattern is also used as the bass, and it's played by a trombone in this other videogame music track :
And finally, there's a circus rythm pattern played by bottle blowing in this other videogame music track :

Aren't those ryhtm patterns in the public domain? Or i need to pay a fee for them for use them in my creations?


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I'm not sure what you mean by "rhythm patterns". Tempos and cadences generally aren't copyrighted, just as certain chord progressions (such as the ubiquitous I, IV, V chord progression) aren't copyrighted.

Lots of "circus themes" are public domain. Everyone recognizes "Entrance of the Gladiators". That's probably public domain since it was written so long ago.

But remember: When someone performs a public-domain song, their performance of that song is copyrighted. So you need their permission to use their recording.
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