GMS 2 Question regarding drawing (primitive) lines at true resolution..


So to cut right to the chase, my game/view/everything is run at 360x200 pixels for pixel art, and scaled up by resizing the window. What I was wondering was if there was a way to make drawn lines (specifically using the draw primitive feature) show at the same resolution as everything else, instead of scaling to 'best' fit the screen.

If my wording is unclear, here are some pictures:

This is what I have now. the effect is created with five separate runs of a primitive line script. as you can see, the pixels of the line are still smaller than everything else.

Something like this is what I'm hoping to achieve. This was simply made by scaling in Photoshop. Note the gaps in the line are a side effect of post-scaling. This would be a bonus, cause it looks more like fire but not necessary.

So let me know if you have any ideas on how to achieve this in real time.

Either way, thanks for reading.

Simon Gust

I believe you can resize the application surface to fit the scale
surface_resize(application_surface, 360, 200);