Android Question on Android proper scaling


Hey there!

I am exporting an application with GMS2 to Android, I have set the room size to be 720x1280 which is the Android size I'm using.

I have set up my android settings with this guide:
Sadly, Everytime I export the apk and install it on my device (The device uses 720x1280) but it looks horribly pixelated, although when I test on PC everything looks fine.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope someone knows what could be happening. Could it be that I have to update Java components, or do something inside the Android platform settings?

Jihl ~~



Are you using any code to set view size or to scale the application surface?
If so, post it so I can take a look.

You could also try this somewhere at the start of the game:
surface_resize(application_surface, 720, 1280);
Also how big are the images you are using? Maybe they are bigger than the max texture size on Android.