Forum Game Question Everything

Shawn Basnett

Discount Dev
This game is rather simple! The first person will ask a question, then the next person will answer with another question. This will continue until someone either can't come up with a question, or end up breaking a rule.


You cannot ask the same question that someone else has asked.

The question must be more than two words.

You can't just ask "Why?", it must be directly related to the previous question.


How long must we question the questioning of another's question?


Why shouldn't the maxim 'Rules are made to be broken' apply?

((I don't think it should personally and i don't envy trying to follow this one up XD))
When this thread reaches a thread count of infinity, will it collapse under the weight of its mass forming a new universe, or will it form into a giant question mark floating in orbit around the earth, or both, mathematically speaking?