Question about the licenses


I'm thinking of buying a license for the GMS 2. I have a question about upgrading the license later.
So if I buy GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Windows for $39 and decide later I want to upgrade it to GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop ($99), do I get the $39 discount from the $99 license later? or do I have to pay first the 39 and later the 99 ?

Thanks for the quick reply. I thought I had seen that 30% discount thing somewhere on your pages but I tried to find it but with no luck...

Cool. Thanks.


Like Mike said you get 30% discount, which does mean it'll cost you like 10 dollars more compared to just getting a desktop license straight off the bat.

If you're familiar with GMS and are relatively sure you'll want it and stick with it long term then you are slightly better off just buying the desktop license straight away.

If however you've never used GMS before and want to try before you buy I think that risking a waste of 10 dollars in the long run may be worth it if your not 100% sure that its something you'll stick with long term. This way if you don't like it or stick with it, you're only 39 dollars out of pocket rather than 99.
@JackTurbo Thanks. I have used the trial version but limitations were too much to fully explore the I thought I'll first get the $39 version and explore it more and after that I'll make the decision...I'm more happy to lose 39 than 99 :)

Thank you for your input, much appreciated.

ps. I bought the 39 license :)


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If you do decide not to use GM, I'm always interested in "constructive" criticism as to what swings it for you. In fact, it's always nice to hear one way or another what swung it.

Doesn't have to be a public post, can be a PM if you like. Public posts can set off flame wars sometimes :p

I will just post this to show what you can do, and just how quickly you can do it though... :)


Cool, congrats!

Welcome to the GM community in that case!

If you're still getting acquainted with GMS2 and game dev in general Shaun Spalding and GMWolf have some great resources on their youtube channels.

Also the tutorial section on here has some other handy resources.

The Manual is super helpful as well as it is well documented and should be your first port of call when confused (hit f1 in the ide to bring it up or middle mouse click a function to open that functions page in the mannual).

And if all else fails you can always post your issues on here and see if the community can help out.
@Mike At the moment, it seems that I'll be using GM a lot (as it seems to fulfil my needs) but if that is not the case, I'll tell why :)

@JackTurbo Thanks. I've already checked some tutorials and browsed the forum and manual. Community seems pretty great and I feel like I'm welcomed here. I'm liking GM and the community more every day :)

Thank you all! Awesome to be a part of this great community! (and I hope I can contribute back and of course, make awesome games :D)