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Question about resolution


Hey there everyone!

I'm making an online RPG with a friend and right now I'm asking myself things about the resolution of the game. I want it to let the player have the resolution he/she wants, however as I compare my game to Ragnarok Online, I see that Ragnarok has a lot of resolution possibilities...

So my question is, is it neccesary for a "well made" game to have resolutions as little as 640x480?
My game standard resolution is 900x600, so changing how it works to fit that little screen would be some work that I'd like to know if it's worth it or not.
Would it be better to go from 640x480 to 1920x1080 or it is fine if I go from 900x600 to 19290x1080?

Thank you!


For me the only problem with small resolutions are the menu windows. I made them for say 900x600, on bigger resolution there will be empty space(not a big deal) but on smaller i'll do what use the scaling functions to shrink them? It wouldn't look great if i have a lot of boxes for items etc. Also i don't want to have them small and upscaled for big resolution because they'll lose quality. Back in the day, 2d games had it's own menu background for each resolution option(with more art on the sides of the big ones).


I guess I will do as you did too, have 900x600 as the littlest resolution. It will be far easier as my game is already made for that one, so I just have to re-position things for higher resolutions.

Thanks for the answer!