Distribution Question about GM asset licensing



Hello all,

I have a question regarding licenses. I'm working on my own game as a hobby project. I've written my own game engine and I'm no artist by any means. I'm exploring ways to obtain a consistent art style nonetheless. I'm quite intrigued by the GameMaker sprites. I'm making a 2D RPG, so they are very fitting. GameMaker sprites are obviously licensed to the product. However, I'm wondering: If I buy a full license, does that grant me permission to use GameMaker's sprites in my own game engine? Which license would allow me to use these sprites - if any? For now, I have no intentions of releasing my game commercially, but if it's possible to obtain proper licensing by buying GameMaker, I may reconsider. I know you guys aren't lawyers, but can someone perhaps link me some URL/document where I can read more about the legality?

Thanks for taking the time!