Graphics Q:Texture pages


So im not sure if this is teh right part of the forum, its not a programming question so this one seemd most logical.

the Q. when is it best to use a larger texture page? like i usually go with the default, but recently ive been dealing with more graphics and i get alot of texture pages and will get alot more im sure.
im asking this becouse ive heard about texture swaps or w/e game maker does to display graphics and the more swaps, the more it hits performence, so is less swaps with bigger tex pages better then more swaps but with smaller tex pages? obviously lesser and smaller is better but here you cant have both in one basket, so which pair shuld i choose?

Edit: i currently am at 6 tex pages, with 2k in size, and like i sayd there will be more.


I measured it once and to my surprise less but bigger texture pages resulted in less fps in my case (on Desktop). But I can't say if that's a general behaviour or only some interplay of different factors.