"Pxurvive" | Cliffside biome (screenshots)


Been working really hard on a survival / farming game with infinite randomly generated worlds.
I have already posted a few posts on reddit and shared a couple of videos on youtube, but now I want to share here as well!

Posts on reddit:
Current post on reddit.
Second post.
First post.

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*Since I have reached the max amount of images and 'media' I will continue to post updates in the comments!*

First version of a build / construction menu I had planned for my game, which features (will feature) all objects / constructions that can be placed and built in the world.

I can easly add another item to the list by calling a script:

// Object.
    "Object name",

    "Ingredient 1",Ingredient 1 amount,
    "Ingredient 2",Ingredient 2 amount,
    "Ingredient 3",Ingredient 3 amount,
    ((and so on))
    "Object image / icon,
    "Object to place"
It's still very work in progress though. And I still need to make different tabs to sort different construction objects into, but I'm very satisfied with it so far

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Generated waves washing up on the beach + improved GUI with 9-slice borders and more!

True chunk-based world generation, base building and more!

Read all about it:
Chunk-based world generation:
Here is my attempt at creating a true chunk-based world generation. My original idea was to 'chunk' the world by using Game Maker's rooms and it worked great until i got to a certain point.
With the world divided into rooms (or, only one room actually) some assets used in the generation would go outside the room, which would mean that it should overlap over to the next chunk, so I had to decide to either make a system that would overlap assets that would go outside the room over to the next room, or to make the world truly open by switching over to a true chunk-based generation, which is what I have done, which you can see at 1:00 in the video.
With this I have also added so you can zoom in and out! And I have also added so the video will follow a certain point between the player's position and the mouse's position using lerp();
Based building / contruction:
The plans I have is that some things can be crafted and some can be contructed. Items that can be crafted will be made in a crafting menu, while objects that needs to be contructed like buildings, vehicles, furnitures and more needs to be contructed, as seen at 0:10 and 2:35 in the video. When contructing something you place a blueprint where you would like to build it, and then when right-clicking it you will get a list og choices where you can add the needed resources.
As shown in the video how the end result of something you build will appear depends on what resources you use. At 0:10 I use spruce logs and birch branches for tatching as roof, while at 2:35 I use birch logs and pine branches for tatching the roof. For now I have only made the log cabin, but I have made a 'global recipe system' in which I can easly just copy and past another recipe and just choose that resources is needed. I have not started on the crafting yet.
As seen at 1:33 in the video I have tried to add a raft. It used to only have eight different sprites for it's direction, but now I have changed it ot a 3D model instead, and I think it turned out nicely. As for now you can drop items onto the raft and they will stay there using the same technique used in platforming games for moving platforms, but also added lenghdir to it's position so that the items will rotate with the raft.

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Randomly generated water (lakes and some rivers)

Power grid inventory (diablo-style)

The world is randomly generated, but instead of splitting the world into chunks I have split it into rooms (kind of. There is only one room) as seen in the video above.
If you go out of the room in any direction you go into a new room with the next world chunk.

  • Chunk-based infinite world generation with forests and generated bodies of water.
  • Bodies of water now has generated waves that wash up on the beack.
  • Full day / night cycle.
  • Casting shadows and light sources (currently only a campfire).
  • Right-click on objects to pop up various choices for that object.
  • Pick items (sticks, fruits, firewood etc.)
  • Lift heavy objects to move them around (only wooden logs atm).
  • "power grid" (diablo-style) inventory system where items can occupy more than one slot. How many slots an item will occupy is based on it's sprite's width and height.
    You can also move and scale the inventory at will.
  • Swimming. Items will also float around while in water, and you can push them around.
  • Everything saves automatically so you can just hit Escape and restart and you will get right back to where you left it.
  • Vehicles (a raft atm) which you can stear round on water.
  • GUI object / construction menu (work in progress).
  • Crafting and building: (under development)
    There will be two separate menus for crafting and building. Crafting will be for items, which are items that can go into your inventory (like weapons, tools, clothes etc.),
    while building will be for structures and objects that cannot be placed into your inventory, like houses, vehicles, furnitures etc.).
    Things that can be built, like a house, can be placed as a contruction which you then can add resources into to build it.
    Things that can be crafted will be crafted in a UI crafting menu.

  • Combat:
    No idea yet, lol.

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Looking good, especially the trees and the grass.

I'm making sth. that's similar (setting and view), but still different (art and gameplay).
But I need to finish my current project first before I really get into it.

Are you going for realistic survival (no zombies or other fictional monsters)?
Will the game be limited to stone age technology?


Thanks, to all of you :D
There will probably be some fictional stuff, but Im not sure yet. No it won't but it probably wont go past medieval technology.


Updated the generation to a true chunk-based world generation! Read more about it at the top of the thread.


First presentable version of a proper crafting menu. A crafting recipe can request specific ingredients, but also 'any' of a type of ingredient.
Also showing off a toolbelt I have been working on.



Here's just about 10 minutes of unedited gameplay from my 'farming and survival' game "Pxurvive" (working title. Got any cool names? ;) )
(no sound yet, sorry)
It's a game about settling in the wilderness, with in-depth crafting and building, and it's very inspired by "Haven & Hearth".



Here's a couple screenshots of the new cliffside biome I'm working on, and something I just wanted to test for fun turned out to look alot better than expected. Currently working on adding even more variation in the generation, and trying to come up with ideas vegetation that could fit into this biome.