Puzzle ideas


I'm upon the final level of Adventure Guy(2D Platformer) and I want the last level to be more puzzle oriented.
basic premise is that there are three mask bosses with the themes "Wrath(Blind anger), Denial (like denial of progression), and Mocking. I want to make rooms with these themes incorporated into the puzzles.

I already know what I want to do for mocking(a puppet mirrors your movements and you have to guide it to the end with both of you intact), but I'd like to collaborate some ideas for puzzles themed around "Wrath" and "Denial" because I'm drawing a blank.


Maybe you should make the puzzles first and then make the bosses based on what puzzles you came up with.


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  • Wrath:
    • just have a really long and challenging combat encounter?
    • the puzzle is about aligning blocks by destroying destructible terrain, so you need to be angry and smash things
    • you can control a giant stone arm in the background to smash things, but you can also position it so you can use the fist as a platform
  • Denial:
    • every puzzle has an obvious solution (e.g. push the block forward onto the button that's right next to it), but if you go for the obvious solution the door forward closes; you need to find a more difficult solution and execute that instead.
    • since denial is specifically denial of progress, you need to manipulate the puzzle elements to make the door to the next level impossible to reach (e.g. block it entirely by falling blocks, speed up a conveyor belt to so high speeds you can't run to the door anymore, etc), at which point a new door (that was previously hidden) opens