Puzzle games and chance/guessing

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    Jul 23, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering how people feel about puzzle games and guessing. As in the next step in the solution is unclear and you need to take a "leap of faith".
    Think "too sparse" sudoku or cross-word puzzle.
    In these cases, you'll eventually reach a point where things don't add up. and perhaps some of the deductions you made still work, but you have to rectify some.
    While not exactly the best, I think its fair for higher level difficulty.

    However, I'm a bit torn on when it comes to the same thing, with a fail state. where, picking wrong is a gameover. (think minesweeper)
    I'd feel pretty bummed if I encountered a 50/50 choice, guessed wrong and lost/had to start all over again.
    But hey, maybe that's fun too, and that bummed feeling is counteracted by the joy of guessing right.

    I think there's also some potential issue with "no guessing" in that at some point you can kind of figure out solutions "algoritmatically" where no matter what you do, you know the path to solution always exist (thus new info is always super meaningful).

    Just looking for opinions on that concept!
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