Team Request Puzzle game looking for artist and music


Hi everyone! I am making a game for Devtober and I was wondering if anyone wants to help make the game? I am looking for artists of the audio and sprite persuasion.

I am not sure what the theme of the game should be and I am willing to let the artists go wild as long as they keep the to 32 by 32. Otherwise, it could mess with the gameplay mechanics.

As for audio was hoping for something chiptune style. But it's not a requirement. I want artists to have fun and help build the world. If anyone joins the project just letting you know now that this isn't just my project anymore, it's our project. Let's show the world our creation together!
Here is a demo of what I have, though this does not show all the mechanics. There are enemies as well, as of right now there are 3 enemies.

Also as an extra note. This is just a fun project, I do not intend to sell the game, but if the artists want to try and sell it I am willing to help put it on steam and other platforms if it goes that route. My main goal is to complete making the game, so let's have fun!


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