Push3d - 3D level editor & game engine for GMS2



3D level editor & game engine for GameMaker Studio 2

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About Push3d
Push3d (read as "pushed") is a reincarnation of PushEd, a 2D/3D level editor for GMS1, which was first released by our team BlueBurn in 2014 as a paid extension and then for free in 2018 at GM's sunset. This time, it is focused exclusively on 3D game development in GMS2 and it aims to bring an entire 3D game development framework, including resource management, rendering pipeline, collision system and other stuff necessary for making 3D games.

About this thread
Push3d is currently in an extremely early stage of development. We have just finished porting PushEd's 3D level editor into GMS2 and now we are working on a physically based deferred rendering pipeline. I am making this thread mostly to let you know that the project is in works and to reserve space for devlogs and your feedback.


  • Forms - GUI engine
  • BBMOD - 3D model format
  • Xpanda - Shader preprocessor and shader resources
  • GMDoc - Documentation generator
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