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Windows push option in source control disabled with other various problems

hello I have been following video tutorial on how to setup source control inside gms2 however I have come across some problems that really don't make sense

1. when cloning a project to a empty folder it requires me to open a existing project.
this doesn't make much sense since I am cloning the project and I don't have a existing one

2. when creating a project repository push and pull buttons are still greyed out even after setting up source control and committing. this makes it so people have to resort to the external gitbash in window.

3. cloning should not require the folder to be empty but instead overwrite/add the files inside of the folder.

I would like to hear if other people have these problems and if and how they got around #2
I have tried using the gitbash once to see if it would ungrey the push and pull options but it didn't


Hello @Shadowblitz16. Could you post the link from the tutorial you're talking about?

  1. From what I remember, clonin only requires an empty folder, or something like that. That's the minimum, since you have to be sure that no collisions will happen neither substitutions. Also you'll be sure that all was cloned and is ready as what is in your repository.
  2. Sorry, without the tutorial I don't know what you mean by buttons.
  3. Answered on 1.
I myself use gitbash and works wonderfully. But I do need to understand what do you mean by grey button to help you. When cloning you're probably not setting the upstream for your git local repo or, when creating a new repo, you're not setting the repo's remote repo, which may also cause any GUI to not enable you a push button. Therefore, I'd recommend you to check any tutorial that explains how to set the upstream, what does it mean and a tutorial of how to set/add a new remote to your local repo and also what it means :)

1. cloning outside of the project does require a yyz file to be opened
2. the push and pull buttons under the Source Control tab they seem to not always work
3. this makes in hard to clone a project into a folder with source control already in in when trying to get around #1 and #2

gamemaker should automatically link the local repo to the remote one when source control is enabled and the settings are configured in the preferences.
I did seem to get it working by downloading the remote repo and replacing the project with it.


Hey @Shadowblitz16,

Sorry, I think I misunderstood it all. I thought you're talking about git bash or some other GUI. I currently can't help you with the problems on GameMaker GUI under the tab Source Control. It doesn't seem to work every time for me as well...
I use the Git Bash while I can't use GameMaker's source control.

On a side note, the video talks about Bitbucket e Github, but for free private projects I recommend GitLab.
Sorry for not being able to help you more =(
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hopefully a dev will see this because I am bad at reporting bugs.
Even if it does get seen here, I doubt that it will be logged as a bug. You need to do it yourself, and provide all the info you can. If you won't/don't want to to, then I guess it will not be looked at or fixed - so you will never get a fix for it. Sad fact of the matter, but true.