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Purchased as gift but got download in MY email



So I just bought the developer license for my fiance and its supposed to be as a gift but I got an email with a download-link. Did the website screw up or can i just forward that email to my fiance? I just dropped 99 bucks for this and am kind of annoyed that this happened.
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Moved this here from Community, because this is the forum to discuss license-related issues.

Before you completed the check-out process, did you mark the product choice as a "voucher"?

From the YoYo Website voucher purchase agreement:
2.1. Purchase Process. In order to purchase Vouchers you must follow the following steps:

(a) Log onto our website (www.yoyogames.com) and create or log into your YYG Account.

(b) Once logged into your YYG account, choose a product available on the YYG Platforms. You can view the products that are currently available at [https://account.yoyogames.com/gifts]. Any product(s) you select will be added to your basket.

(c) Before you checkout you must mark the chosen product as a “Voucher”.

(d) Once you have confirmed your order, you will be able to proceed to checkout.

(e) You will receive a Confirmation Email to your personal email address once payment has been completed, which will confirm your purchase and constitute your Vouchers receipt.

(f) You will receive purchased Vouchers via your personal email address within approximately twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the purchase Confirmation Email.

(g) You may send Vouchers to a Recipient of Your choice and the Recipient will be able to redeem such Vouchers within the time period specified on the applicable Voucher (the “Redemption Period”). If the Recipient is a resident of the United States of America, the Redemption Period shall be unlimited.
I haven't tried this feature myself, but I assume it works. Either way, if a mistake was made you can contact the Helpdesk for a remedy.