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Purchased as gift but got download in MY email

Discussion in 'GameMaker Studio 2 Community Tech Support' started by TheMartianQueem, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. TheMartianQueem

    TheMartianQueem Member

    Dec 1, 2018
    So I just bought the developer license for my fiance and its supposed to be as a gift but I got an email with a download-link. Did the website screw up or can i just forward that email to my fiance? I just dropped 99 bucks for this and am kind of annoyed that this happened.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  2. chance

    chance predictably random Forum Staff Moderator

    Apr 22, 2016
    Moved this here from Community, because this is the forum to discuss license-related issues.

    Before you completed the check-out process, did you mark the product choice as a "voucher"?

    From the YoYo Website voucher purchase agreement:
    I haven't tried this feature myself, but I assume it works. Either way, if a mistake was made you can contact the Helpdesk for a remedy.

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