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GMS 2.3+ Purchase GMS2 as a Gift

I've purchased GMS2 as a gift in the past, and now I'm trying to do it again and can't figure it out for the life of me. It won't allow me to purchase a license since I already own one, and I can't figure out how to clarify that it's a gift. Does anyone know the process for this? Not sure if it changed or if I was just smarter last year lol


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I'm honestly not sure what the situation there is. I know you CAN gift GMS2, but there doesn't seem to be information on how to do it if you already own a licence. So, you'll have to contact the YYG helpdesk and see if they can advise you. The only other alternative would be to use Steam and gift the product through the Steam gifting option. It's the EXACT same version, and once the person you gift it to makes their YYG account, they can link it with Steam and also download the standalone version if they prefer.
Okay, I had considered going through Steam but wasn't 100% on what the differences were there. I opened a helpdesk ticket and will post here if we figure things out, otherwise Steam it is!
FYI I received this response from YYG:

` Unfortunately we have recently decided to remove the option of being able to purchase gift licences from both our website and YoYo Games account. `

I used Steam to gift it no problem, I guess that's the best method now.