HTML5 Punt Hooligan [MLG Mode]



Finally got this game working! I posted another much worse version of this game on the old forums, today it is remastered for HTML5. It's a very simple game, based off a game I used to play in my younger days on Miniclip called "Monkey Kickoff". Kick the ball as far as you can to collect coins. You can spend the coins in the store to buy sweet hats, new balls, and even some terrain modifications to boost your distance.

Also for the super 1337 hardcore gamers you can press the MLG button on the bottom right of the screen to enter MLG MODE. Everything is better with hitmarkers, Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Sanic.

Play Here: Punt Hooligan


Thanks for checking it out! Let me know what you think!


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I love arcade games like this, for a little mindless fun once in a while -- especially when they're HTML5. So I've been playing with this one. I think this is a good choice for HTML5, and it has potential to be a lot better with some work.

For starters, I'd improve the graphics. Right now, the graphics seem like a mashup of different styles. The soccer ball and sky background work well together. But the stickman doesn't fit. I'd change that to something more similar in style to the other graphics. And the coins could be improved if they had more depth to their appearance. Right now they seem like flat yellow circles.

Just a little attention to detail would pay off. For example, the sign with the instructions doesn't fit the text. Use a smaller sign, or larger font. But avoid all that empty space. Likewise, add some features to the grassy field. They don't have to interact with the ball, but they would add visual interest. And you could add sound to the ball kick. Little details like that would add a lot to the game.

The gameplay is simple, with a clear objective. But the timing requirement is too difficult IMO. So maybe open that timing window a little.

But as I said, it has potential. If you're planning more work on this, let me know and I can move it to Work in Progress. That's really a better choice for this, right now. We can always more it back here later.


Fair enough. I'm on vacation right now but when I get back I plan to upgrade all my games. I'll let you know when that happens and you can decide if it should be moved. This game has already become the most popular on my website, so I guess it does have potential;)