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GMS 2 Punctuation keyboard_check



How can I use keyboard_check, _pressed and _released with punctuation symbols, such as , . / ; ' [ ] - = ..?
In the manual, it said to use "keyboard_lastchar", but I think that'll only work with pushing the button, and I also want to register when you release that button.

How do I do this?


It may vary from keyboard to keyboard or from region to region, but get a piece of paper and a pen out, type into your Step Event:
if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_anykey) show_message(keyboard_lastkey);
Then press each of the keys you want to find the value for. Write that value down on your paper along with what character corresponds to that value. Note that SHIFT characters will yield the same results. So . and > will have the same value for [most USA] keyboards.