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Hello Everyone!

A few weeks ago i released Puff Puff Pass on Android. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the level while avoiding obstacles.

This round, purple and farting creature is called a Puffer. It lives happily in deep caves, but has one problem: it is unable to stand its own smell for too long. So it needs to travel continuously to leave the smelly caves as soon as possible. All to escape its own odor.

When the puffer doesn’t travel, it floats through the air like a balloon. Its ability to change air into gas and releasing this gas, helps him moving around in the dangerous caves. While releasing its gas, it will grow smaller to fit through the narrow passages. Perfect for avoiding sharp rocks. And you better avoid these! Because pointy rocks and other dangers will hurt the small puffer. This results in loosing a life per accident.

Can you help the puffer avoiding its own stench? You do this by escaping the caves in all the 50 levels. But be warned: there will be a lot of gas in this addictive game!

Gameplay trailer:

Play Store:
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I wanted to give an update to this post because after a few months i changed/added some new stuff to Puff Puff Pass. Did a lot of work on the backgrounds, you can unlock new skins and i added 10 new levels to the game.
Have you tried it? I would like to know what you think of my game, any feedback is welcome.



Warning raw feedback!:
I don't want to play it because because the presentation is a big turn off for me (mobile-like).
And -while I do enjoy silly fart jokes- having farting as a core game-play element quickly gets old/childish.
Hope this helps somehow.


Thank you for your feedback!
Can you explain why the presentation is a turn off for you?

Thanks for the advice about the core game-play, for future games i will think this more through so it stays fun to play.