Question - Account Publisher cut


Udemy Instructor
Each month they do a check and if it's more than $100, you get it. So you just gotta wait for them to perform their next check. But I could be wrong since it's been a while since I used the Marketplace.


Firehammer Games
Just FYI, I thought it was every 3 months that they did the payouts. I have like 40 something in mine so haven't broke 100 yet anyway so I can't confirm.


I checked the mail. I received a letter from game maker

"YoYo Games Ltd sent you money!
Get your money in just a few easy steps. Click the button below to get started.
Claim your $103.17 USD by 30 April 2020 or it will be returned to the sender "

but when I click on the link, an error appears that the link is not working