OFFICIAL Publish Games on Microsoft Store with the GDK Extension


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Publish Games on Microsoft Store with the GDK Extension

The new GDK Extension allows you to publish games on the Microsoft Store and make use of Xbox Live functionality for implementing features such as save games, player stats, rich presence, achievements and in-app purchases via add-ons. The GDK extension is available for download on GitHub for free.
The GitHub repository also contains the source for the GDK extension (and steps on compiling it), for users who may be curious to know how it was coded and/or wish to expand on it. A demo project is also provided within the same repository.
Note: Packages export with the GDK extension are published via the Partner Center onto the Microsoft Store, so make sure to read its guide as well.


Just read this while starting the Microsoft process...

MSI and EXE support in the Microsoft Store is currently in a limited public preview phase. As the size of the preview expands, we'll be adding new participants from the wait list.
This implies that UWP is the norm ATM but MSI/EXE will be available to all at some point
Another question. If GDK games can be played on Xbox, and since this is a Windows build, and the save system sandbox can be disabled, will this fix the Async Saving issue people have been having with the buffers being deleted?