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Just a quick suggestion, does anyone have anything against bringing the offline searchbox feature back?
I just think this was a great feature in the old gmc, as it allowed people to quickly search for something they needed without having to log in. Sure, logging in isn't a hard thing to do, and there are workarounds, but personally I think it would be nice if there was native support for not having to log in to search for something in particular.

Thank you for your time.

(Is this something @Nocturne handles? I think it is)


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In light with YoYo Games having issues with DDoS attacks earlier this year, I somehow doubt that a searchbox that requires sizeable queries on a large database would make an appearance.

You can totally write a userscript that adds a custom searchbox though.


Definitely not a Sith Lord
That's too bad. :(

Well alright then I still have my workaround though, just use the built in search function on the browser.

Thank you for your time.