Team Request Project_Cytrex Artist/Assistant Programmer/Audio



I am currently working on a RPG set a dystopian city. The city will be dark and gloomy think a dark alley in Watch_Dogs or any of the Batman: Arkham games. Completely run by an oppressive military.

You are Citizen 375 one of the first thousand to be admitted into this experimental city, against your will of course. Then, walking with the other 999 citizens gas puts you all to sleep. Then, once you wake up you see the military in their traditional black uniforms and gas masks. Then the general says,"Examples need to be made, come here Citizen 375." And you just run...

That was just a story intro. I am programming and writing the lore for this game. I need an artist, assistant programmer, and someone to do all the audio. This will not be paid but as a group we will decide a price at release and completely split the profits.
If the spot is still open, I'd love to work with you. I am not an expert in 3d, and my forte is 2d, but willing to work in 3d if required. I am good at AI, Inventory, and battle systems, along with the basics.


i can be your programing assistant if you want to , how can i contact you ?


Hey!:D Im a game desginer but i know gml and i could assist in programing. The game idea seems very intersting.