Project: Solace [WIP] + Demo


Project: Solace

What is it:
You will play as Sophie who ends up stranded on an island and has to survive what appears to be monsters that have taken residence. You will run into other survivors and try to stay alive.

As you progress, you will come upon "major event" levels where you will choose one of 6 playable characters. If the characters health reaches zero, they die permanently.


6 playable characters + Sophie - each character will have a unique perk
Permadeath - the objective of the game is to survive until you make it across the island. If all 6 characters die, you lose the game
Relationship system based on dialogue - your choices with dialogue will effect your relationship with the 6 characters and hence their stats
6 major regions
6+ planned sidequests
Platformer style levels in between 6 major regions
Level system and skill tree
3 varying weapon and 3 varying armor loadouts each with their own advantages and disadvantages
"Choose your adventure" style cutscenes that will affect the outcome of your characters
Simple crafting system
Collectibles in the game for sidequests and for increasing stats of your character
World map to easily navigate amongst the 6 planned regions
Other hidden secrets!

Here is a quick initial demo of gameplay (I noticed the shoot animation for Sophie is not created but will be soon):

A demo to come soon so standby!


Red Phantom

So I played your game.
I like the idea of you being randomly placed on an island, it creates a lot of mystery and many opportunities for where you are going with this game/story.
Character movespeed is a bit slow.
Perhaps distinguish monsters even more so than friendly people.
The green and blue bars weren't really explained and I did not know how to replenish my green bar.
Other than that, great start! Was fun. Keep at it!


Here are some recent updates!

Showcasing the loadout screen and some new gun animations:

Also here is a peek at work on the new ui and overall feel with the backgrounds. In the video you can compare to the first video linked in the thread and see the new enemies I have created.

Been working on more behind the scenes but wanted to showcase what progress I have. I hope to have a solid new demo in the next few weeks.

As always feedback is appreciated!


Been a while since I posted here! Wanted to give a few updates. I got quite a few updates.

FIrst of off some of my past posts for Saturday showing some progress:

I have also recently started a Twitter if you are into that: I'll try to continue to post updates here but I'll post more there probably.

Also, a new version of the demo!

I've been in overhaul mode updating a ton of sprites. I have a lot more functionality added since I posted here. The current demo only goes through the first section of the game after the introduction!

Red Phantom

Please keep going with this game! When I played an older version of the demo a long time ago it was lots of fun!
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Got a few more avenues for marketing: ( where you can see some of the latest additions/tweaks )

Laid out a semi comprehensive list of changes in the past few months:

I also made a quick demo of the world map changes I made on a whim this week. I really like how it turned out: