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GMS 2.3+ Project Saving Bug?


I updated GM to the latest version: IDE, RT When it started, I opened my project and started coding. I noticed an hour later that I accidently opened my backup version instead of my real version. No problem, I wanted to re-save my hour's worth of work to my regular non-backup folder, so I chose Save Project As, and chose the folder where my main project resides. It asked me, "are you sure, it will delete everything". I thought, ok, makes sense, I was thinking it just meant it will 'replace' everything, so I chose ok.
I went to look in the main project folder and there was no longer any files in the sub folders. It actually did erase everything. So I slowly manually copied my backup folder to my main folder and replaced everything, feeling I could have lost everything.
So, was this a bug? Why did it delete everything when I was just trying to save the whole project to that folder? Fortunately nothing was lost, and I added a 2nd backup device just in case since then.
Thought I'd share this experience. Thanks

Edit: I have to state how important proper backup is. I've been working on this game for 1.5 years now. Losing it would have been a heart-breaking disaster