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Job Offer - General Project Nosebleed Business

Hello All!

My name is Chris and I am looking to develop a game concept I have. It is a boxing strategy game, not a button masher. The fights will be simulated with the game's focus being on building a stable of fighters to become a financially successful boxing promoter, manager or trainer.

My ideas come from industry knowledge, having worn every hat in the boxing industry. From fighter, to trainer, to manager and promoter.

My credentials and real life experience will greatly help to make the game as realistic as possible.

I have been a boxing writer and publicist for over 15 years. My boxing writing skills are second to none. I am also a boxing historian, only going back to the 70s though. I have covered live professional boxing from ringside. My experience is vast having covered and written play by play type boxing reports on over 1,000 fights. Everything from 4 round preliminaries to 12 round championship fights in Vegas. I covered Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley from ringside. I believe my fight reports would be invaluable to the boxing play by play in the game.

My company is Under Dawgs Boxing. We promoted 3 shows in 2016 with mild success.

I have managed many pro fighters including Manuel Perez, Olympic alternate Torrence Daniel's and 2002 national golden gloves winner Larry Gonzales and a host of other club level boxers. Kenny Lemos nearly upset James Toney on a club level show here in Colorado, we boxed out of the same gym and he was the first fighter I signed to the Under Dawgs roster.

Boxing is a very 'grimy and dirty' sport on the business side. I would love to bring a very real insight to a new game.

My immediate need is a fight engine, I believe. I have a list of attributes.

My working title has been, "The Nosebleed Business: The Fix is ALWAYS in..."

I have also been a gamer since the Atari 2600 came out in the 80s and played every boxing game ever made.

Would like to hear from you and get your thoughts on my idea and possibly working on this project.