project in 3d mode

As a 3D developer, I'm always 100% excited whenever a 3D game crops up, but this thread is really bare. What exactly would you like us to comment on that extends beyond mere praise for doing this in 3D?
Don't like it, badly done?

Why is this topic empty, didn't live up to your expectations?

There is nothing to comment on, is it that bad?
Don't like what? Is what badly done? Do you have any more screenshots? A video? Maybe a demo? Perhaps even a description of what we're looking at and what to expect in the future? There isn't anything to comment on besides saying "nice" or "meh", as anything else could be met with you telling us that it's bound to be changed or replaced due to it being a work in progress. We don't how much is processed in real-time, if anything is prerendered, or even what the genre is. It looks like an RTS, but it could be a dungeon crawler like Diablo. Please, add more detail.
I would love to attach a video if it were possible, even the screenshot had to be reduced to such a small size. You are right, this is a real time strategy game. I am doing warhammer 40,000, but with completely invented races of my own and all heroes invented by me. I have a VKontakte group on this game, but there is no such social network abroad. I decided not to publish on Facebook. Can you tell me how to post a video here to find out the opinion of foreign developers about my game.


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You should have put this in your other topic instead of making a new one for this.
Correct! I have merged the two topics together. :)

As for the game, it's a great start... Not many RTS games made with GM and even less (maybe, none?) are made in 3D.


For general feedback on a game, perhaps tigsource forums is a better venue. Unless you need feedback related to how it is implemented in gms.