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Project Guava

( I temporarily name my projects by fruits for distinction )
Short Description : A generic catapult / launch game where the user receives a specific gold based on how far the cannon ball travels. Golds can be used to upgrade the catapult, equipment to help the cannon ball travel and cannon ball avatar

Genre : Catapult / Launch

Mechanics and Objectives :
  • Set the catapult to the desired angle
  • Power bar appears
  • Launch the cannon ball
  • Score based on how far the cannon ball travels
  • Gain gold based on score and achievements
Enemies / Obstacles : Obstacles may or may not help the cannon ball to travel further
  • The Wall ( Ground ) - Stops the cannon ball
  • Spikes ( Ground ) - Stops the cannon ball
  • Landmine ( Ground ) - Shoots the player upward
  • Plane ( Air ) - Slows the cannon ball down
  • Flock of bird ( Air ) - Slows the cannon ball down
  • Gold Bar ( small ) - 50 gold
  • Gold Bar ( medium ) - 100 gold
  • Gold Bar ( large ) - 500 gold
  • Ammo ( small ) - 2 equipment ammo
  • Ammo ( medium ) - 3 equipment ammo
  • Ammo ( large ) - 5 equipment ammo
Extras :
  • Player can use the gold to upgrade the catapult
  • Player can use the gold to purchase equipment that can help the cannon ball travel ( while traveling )
  • Player can use the gold to purchase cannon ball avatars
  • Facebook Integration and leader board ( future )
  • Achievements ( future )
Achievements : Future

Concept Art :

2017-01-31 7:55PM:

Main Game Concept Art:

Level 1 Cannon:
body.png mouth_mouth_0.png

Level 1 Cannon in action:

Power Bar Test:
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I love these games.
They remind me a lot of those money games where you upgrade stuff and get more money then the upgrades cost more.. keeping a person in the loop by making them feel a constant sense of achievement.

There's a lot of these on kongregate, I really do enjoy them but some are really buggy .-.

Achievements are great fun too, reach for the sky ! crash into an alien ship! flew into a portal(maybe 1000m extra boost) (extremely rare achievement as portal spawn chance 1/10000 or so xD

by the looks of it you're pretty good with sketches, it would actually be fun to jam a game that has the art style you drew there (the concept art) makes it feel like im jamming a paper game!


Love those kinds of games. I've always wanted to make my own catapult game since then. It's sad that I only knew how to make game recently.

I made my first game as part of my learning curve. Now I want my second project to be special. Brings me back to y8 and Newgrounds days.