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So I thought of a simple little game that is still in progress but I was wondering, would people play it?
Project FoH is a serious of Four Tests each one is different, Generosity, Selfishness, Friendship, and Kindness each with three different parts in it, It would show if you were Friendly, Selfish, Generous, and Kind, with an overall score. But in between tests you'd get a serious of flashbacks from LW - 3 (the test subject) to also show how'd you'd react if you were in his shoes, not your own. It would probably take about 20 - 30 minutes to complete but with different ending based on your score (probably 5), please let me know if you would play it or not and even suggestions to make it better.


Going with the three sentences, probably not.

But if there was more information, screenshots, etc... Possibly.

I am always open to new ideas with fun game play.