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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a character artist, the game is almost complete with many features but needs little adjustment and more features, what we will do is replace the stick figures characters from ones like awesomenauts game or The Binding of Isaac artstyle (in 2d front), and I will handle all the coding, may add online multiplayer later :)

What you will do is:
Characters, backgrounds, icons and buttons.

A character has the following animations.
Run Stand Land Jump Hrt1 Hrt2 Hrt3 Death Atk1 Atk2 Atk3 Atk4 Atk5

Game is currently published in google playstore, I will republish the game with a new name when replace the game assets.

Game features:
- Achievements
- Story mode
- Characters to choose
- Solid mechanics
- Revamp your character, buy or sell
- Loot
- 5 Unique abilites for each character

Storymode with voice acting
Defeat the stickmens to open new ones.

Five abilities to select, every ability is unique and different than the other, the selected character has to choose three abilities before going to battle.

Complete quests to gain new rewards.

Revamp your stickman to make them stronger.


Discord: Medusa#4672
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